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Google Search Rankings

Your Website and Your SEO​

A company’s website is the point of first impression for your current customers and perspective customers. So it is important to ensure your website is attractive, useful and easy to navigate.

Let me pose a question…. 

How do potential customers find your site?  Most of will say on google……

However if you were to act like a perspective customer not knowing your business name or URL:
1. Navigate to Google…
2. Type in what they are looking for…… E.G Electrician near me
3. Generally most people will not navigate past the first page

Given the above….. Would your website really show up??

Very quickly most website owners will start to ask how do I get my website to Googles 1st page?
I don’t have a large budget for Marketing?
How can it compete with the larger sites of enterprise corporations with huge marketing budgets?

The Answer is you engage with an SEO Company like Gradient Marketing………

Our SEO Specialists will work with you to review your website, find your niche and start targeted marketing for this niche.

We can assist you from as little as $399 per month depending on your goals…..

Contact us today to start the discussion

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